Moving to a new Blog

Hey, guys. I’m realizing the reason I’m not posting much is because there is not much to say on the homesteading front. Since we are taking a break from land searching, I’ve pretty much got my plants in my window. And as for minimalism, I’m a pretty fresh newb, and there’s not much new I …


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Hello there, again.

We decided to not buy the land. We hired a lawyer to look at our contract, discussed, and made the tough decision. At this point, we just feel relieved. The contract was bad, our realtor was bad, hubby especially was having some doubts (not unfounded) about the land itself, so we are just done. I’m … Continue reading Hello there, again.

Offer accepted!

Well, really they made a counteroffer and we accepted that. So we begin counting down 45 days and doing all the things involved there. I think we have to do more paperwork for the loan, and then it’s the standard perc test and survey routine. We’re feeling a mix of stress over making a big … Continue reading Offer accepted!

Made an Offer

Yesterday we made an offer on a piece of land. It’s very exciting and a little scary. Buying land is pretty much the point of no return on this whole venture. The last few weeks have been a lot of stalling and general last minute panicking. The offer process was pretty easy and mostly involved signing … Continue reading Made an Offer

A Summer on the Farm

The summer after I graduated high school, I got a job at a summer camp as the “Barn Lady.” They had a barn and pasture with several different kinds of livestock that were donated by a local farmer. My job was to care for the animals and run a class where the kids got to … Continue reading A Summer on the Farm